The Muslim Association of Hawaii


2020.11.11 COVID-19 update

The mosque is currently open for the fajr, isha and Friday prayers. Please click here to register to pray.

2020.10.04 volunteers needed

MAH is looking for volunteers on a daily basis to assist with COVID-19 prevention and care efforts. To volunteer, please email us at

2020.10.01 COVID-19 update

Asalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah dear sisters and brothers,

Preparations to reopen the masjid began immediately following its closure in March. The Executive Committee has been meeting regularly with the sole goal of reopening the masjid responsibly at the earliest possible time.

Some of the preparations include procurement of sanitation supplies and equipment, sufficient Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for volunteers, plexiglass barriers, development of an all-electronic web-based registration and attendance platform for contact tracing, and blueprinting the entire premises to determine maximum capacity to comply with physical distancing requirements.

These preparations were ready months ago as our hope and plan had been to reopen in August. It was at this time that the COVID-19 spike in Hawaii was beginning, and after consultation with several healthcare providers and administrators it became clear that reoopening would be unsafe and irresponsible, with a high probability of causing harm to our community members. Volunteering to serve our community is an amana from Allah and none of us take this responsibility lightly. Therefore we could not recklessly reopen the masjid without factoring in our Islamic teachings. Our Prophet (SAW) has given us clear guidance regarding our duties and responsibilities during situations like a plague or pandemic, which our imam has eloquently explained to our community on numerous occasions during nightly halaqahs.

We are aware that some counties in different states with lower COVID-19 positivity rates reopened their masajids. Unfortunately, Honolulu was not one of these counties. In fact, since the start of the local COVID-19 spike in early August, Honolulu County has had either the highest, or was among the highest, infection rates in the nation. This trend continues to this day.

As a reminder, we are not immune from COVID-19 as Muslims. Several dozen regular members of our community have contracted the virus, though the numbers are likely more as these are only the individuals who reached out to the committee, Brother Hakim, or the imam.

Alhamdullilah, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel. Last week we worked with the brothers at the Kauai masjid to reopen this week, with the first Jummah Prayer taking place on Friday, October 2nd, inshaAllah. For Honolulu, based on available information, we remain optimistic that should the trend continue to decline with fewer people testing positive, we can implement the previously developed plans to reopen our masjid on a limited basis for Isha prayer as early as the week of October 5th, inshaAllah. Our plan is to continue adding additional prayers each week until we are fully opened.

During the last few months that our masjid has been closed we have tried to use this time that Allah made available to us to start several improvement projects which are at various points of completion. They include general repair-work, security gates at our two entrance points, as well as plans to increase capacity. However, reopening of the masjid is not dependent on completion of any of them.

Please be mindful that unforeseen circumstances may alter these target dates. However, we will continue to provide updates to you as they become available.

Jazakum Allah Kheir